Top 10 Best Kids Sandbox Reviews of 2016

Your kids always enjoy playing on sand. Parents sometime do not have enough time to take them to the beach to have enough fun as they wish. This is why it is easy to buy them a best kids sandbox kit to play at home without having to go to the beach. There are different types of kids sandbox kits available in the market. According to your desires, you can buy one for a kid or choose to buy one that can be used by many since they come in different sizes. Here is a list of the top 10 best kids sandbox for you to consider.

1. Step2 Play and Store – Best Kids Sandbox

Step2 Play and Store Best Kids Sandbox
This is the best sandbox with sufficient space for playing and has four set seats. This will be the best choice for playful kids with visiting friends. It has a large beach area with sand of up to 200 lbs. It is easy and takes less time to set it up for the kids to avoid waiting for long. Go for this sandbox anytime to make your kids happy and long for play times every season.

2. Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

Its construction and elevated design is perfect for toddlers to ensure that it is highly durable. Lid with elastic tie-downs keeps sand clean and dry. 02 shovels, 02 claw rakes, and a bucket are included with molded-in roadways on lid to provide additional play surface.

3. KidKraft Backyard Sandbox 111rvs

This sandbox has an appealing natural touch that is enhanced by real nature colors and hardwood premium structure. Many kids will treasure this sandbox and dream to play in it. It is constructed using durable materials that are rust free and strong panels that can withstand weathering. It is large enough for kids to play in. It has a canopy mesh that will block the harsh conditions from harming your kids. If your kids want more fun, go for this sandbox since it can carry great amounts of sand.

4. KidKraft Pirate SandBoat

This sandbox has two compartments. The tool box store area that is used for storage of stuff like kids play toys, pails and shovels. The other area is the beach area that is large enough to provide room for many kids to play at once. It has a great pirate colored art design with its top cover used for sun block. It is constructed perfectly to ensure that it lasts long enough.

5. Badger Basket Cedar Sandbox

This is an artificial sand beach box where kids can relax on duo benches and have fun. It’s constructed from hardwood to ensure that it is highly durable to serve your kids longer. Its cover is made from quality material to protect your kids from harmful sun effect and strong winds. This is the best sandbox perfect for outdoor activities and great kids’ fun. All kids will totally fall for this one. It has a strong roof that is easily adjustable and held tightly by a safety bolt to make sure that the kids are protected from unfriendly conditions.

6. Activity Sandbox by KidKraft

This sandbox has a unique kind of construction technique that is stylish and includes a flexible and strong wooden frame. What makes it more appalling is the warp and weathering free wooden paneling. This sandbox has two plastic designed sand and water buckets and a large area for collective kids’ games.

7. Little Tikes Hidden Pirate Treasure Sandbox


This sand kit has four seats and makes it a perfect choice for your kids to play in. It is made from a quality plastic design that is durable and gives you no doubts when buying it. It has great floors with beautiful jewellery done on them giving them a cool, classy look. It comes with a cover that ensures that the sandbox itself lasts long and ensures the kids’ protection. Make a real beach for your kid with this sandbox that carries 300 lbs of sand. Most of all, the kids love it because of its treasure hunt game design.

8. Tierra Garden Sandbox


This sandbox is constructed using carbon wood neutral that is one of the most durable materials, waterproof and safe. To ensure your kids are protected, cover the roof with vinyl canopy cover. The top cover is affordable and will ensure the kids’ protection since it hinders foreign substances from getting into the kit once it is covered. The kids will have a great time as they play and build their castles on sand levels of up to 400 lbs. It is advantageous since it is mobile and comfortable with no underlying cover.

9. Badger Convertible Cedar Sandbox


Badger Basket Covered Convertible Cedar Sandbox as its name suggests, has benches that are easily foldable, and kids can have fun on them or with them by hiding them totally using sand. It has an open and shut bottom designed door that makes it simple for refilling sand or adding more. This is rust free and durable sandbox constructed from cedar. This is the perfect sandbox you are looking for with an outstanding great quality. It is easy to clean because of its open underneath design moreover making it a lot easier to exchange sand whenever you want to.

10. Kid Kraft Cabana Sandbox


This sandbox will give your child an unforgettable experience. It is well constructed using the hardwood timber that makes it last longer. It has three storage buckets and a mesh top cover for great convenience purpose. This top cover and mesh screen door will protect your child from rain, harmful insects and sun rays. To top it all, it has a side window to ensure there is good ventilation.

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