Top 10 Best Bike Locks Reviews of 2016

Bikes are expensive so you want to protect your investment. You don’t want to buy just any old lock on the market though, you need a good one. One that will have your bike being safe no matter where you might have it locked up and sitting. So what are at the top 10 best bike locks, 2016? Here is a comprehensive list that will help you keep the investment of your bike safe and secure!

1. Kryptolok – The Best Bike Locks from Kryptonite

Best Bike Locks - Kryptonite Kryptolok
Best Bike Locks – Kryptonite Kryptolok

Finally the winner is another product for the Kryptonite family. The series 2 Kryptolok offers you the best when it comes to protecting your investments. With a shackle of steel that has been hardened and is 13 mm thick, this is built to resist attempts from leveraging or cutting. With the Bent Foot Kryptonite design along with a cylinder that is disc-shaped, it makes this the safest and best lock to have on your bike. With the U-Lock you also get a cable so you can weave it in between your tires and frame to essentially make your bike theft proof.

2. Fahgettaboudit Lock from Kryptonite

Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Bike Lock

This lock got the name through the use of the New York accent that is indistinguishable. This lock can say the same thing coming in at number two on the top 10 best bike locks of the year. What does it offer you? 18 mm of steel that is hardened and will be able to resist everything from cutting to crowbars. A deadbolt mechanism that is a double only adds to the security of this lock. There is also a nice vinyl covering that will help keep the cylinders clean and extend the lock’s life. Also has a key with a light to help during unlocking of your bike during night-time hours.

3. Pitbull from OnGuard with 4-feet loop cable and U-Lock

OnGuard Pitbull Bike Lock

Easily one of the top three on the market. This is one tough lock. Giving you not only a cable that cinches, but a U-Lock that is sturdy. The cable is braided to help with more security. The lock offers you protection from all four-sides. The U-Lock itself is sturdy and can resist prying, cutting, bolt cutters, and even use of a crowbar. If you want protection that says don’t bother my bike this is the third best on the market. The keys for the lock also have a micro-light to help out when you are trying to unlock the bike in the dark.

4. San Quentin from Blackburn

San Quentin Bicycle Lock

Blackburn has a variety of choices when it comes to accoutrements for your bike. You may already have a saddle, bag or multi-tool from this company. This U-Lock is a great bike lock to think about buying. With a shackle made out of alloy steel, it’s a meaty lock. It also has a guarantee if your bike is stolen!

5. Master Lock’s Street Cuffs

Master Locks Street Cuffs

Just because of the look of these a thief may simply walk away from your bike and leave it alone. The sight of some handcuffs protecting your bike could be the deterrent you need. If it doesn’t work though the steel is laminated and the link itself pivots, so it’s not a simple lock to break. It’s a small lock though, so if your frame is larger this may not be the best choice for your lock.

6. Granit X Plus from Abus Bordo

Granit X-Plus Foldable Bike Lock

Another German manufactured product. The company Abus is one that is known for great security, in many products. Like alarms, fire extinguishers and video surveillance, and now bike locks! It will cost you a bit of money, but could be well worth it.

7. TiGr

TiGr Bike Lock

Easily a great looking lock for a bike that you’ve invested money in you may want to have a lock that looks wonderful. Is it the best on the market? No, because we are only on number seven. But it’s a really good lock, nice and compact and will help to protect your bike nicely.

8. Knog Strongman

Knog Strongman bike lock

Made from the Australian based company Knog, this is a funky looking lock. But it’s also quite tough as a U-lock it will protect your bike nicely. While the silicone outer of the lock will help so that your bike will not be all scratched up if someone tries to take it.

9. Pitlock

Pitlock 4 Piece Set

It’s called a skewer lock and it’s the best out there in this class of locks. Made in Germany, and it will be the best way possible to lock up seats, wheels, brake callipers, seats, and top caps. The best thing is even if the thieves have pliers or even a vice-grips the nut will only rotate, so they will soon give up on stealing your bike and walk away!

Pitlock Assembly

10. Spybike

Spybike GPS Tracker

Perhaps not a real lock, but it will give you a fabulous way to track down the bike if it is stolen. This may be something you want to think about getting. We feel its well worth adding to the tops list, even without it being a lock. The device is not spotted easily by the thief, so they may steal the bike. Though it’s not suggested that you track the bike down on your own, please do involve the police.

Protect your investment today and buy one of the top locks of the year!

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